Lonely, I'm Not was a hit!

While combatting the end of a case of mono in the fall, I started rehearsals for West of 10th's Lonely, I'm Not. As energy returned, I poured almost every ounce of it into this fabulous play.

The reviews are in, and I couldn't be prouder:

Rachel Goodgal was seriously impressive as the visually impaired Heather. She was utterly convincing as she confidently moved about the space as a non-seeing person, and yet we saw every visualization so clearly in her eyes. She delivers a powerful, mesmerizing performance.
-Jacquelyn Claire, NY Theatre Guide

Goodgal is especially affecting as Heather. She gracefully handles the physical obstacle with a remarkable sense of normalcy that allows Heather’s other attributes to shine through. 
-Helen Hebert, Theatre is Easy

Goodgal emphasizes Heather's confidence, pushing it to extremes that make it clear why this woman has landed in her own dead end, and deploys it as a full-body shield against the pain inflicted by everyone around her—her total comfort with who she is, Goodgal lays plain, is what's her undoing.
Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

I'm so grateful for the support of my team, family, and friends as I re-group and start pursuing my next adventure. I hope you will check out some awesome stills from Lonely, I'm Not on my just-revamped photos page!

Rachel Goodgal