Team Leader

I returned at the end of August from some awesome summer travels, ready to ease back into life and auditioning for a couple of weeks before my day job and fall classes kicked off in September. That did not happen.

Before I returned, I had signed up for The Actor’s Green Room 72-Hour Short Film Challenge as an actor, thinking it would be a fun way to meet some new people and get in some film acting practice.

Then, 3 weeks ago tomorrow, I woke up to an email selecting me to be a team leader for the challenge. Normally, team leaders volunteer or at least indicate their interest and have been involved in the challenge in some way before. However, this month, there was a shortage of volunteers, so, presumably because of my producing experience with West of 10th, the coordinator chose me.

It was an incredibly stressful experience. I had 10 days to assemble an entire crew, get an entirely new script written, and coordinate all shooting logistics and budget in time for a 72-hour production period that spanned last weekend. I was assigned actors that I had never met and worked with the writer I found (who I had also never met, but who graciously agreed to work with me) to create a script that would let all of us shine. Despite several setbacks (i.e. – two sound mixers cancelled, one the morning of the shoot), I managed to assemble a great crew that was dedicated to making the best product we could. Luckily, my actors were all talented team players. And voilà – tomorrow night, our film, “ReLease,” will screen along with all the tilms created as part of the challenge this month.

While I still would have preferred more planning time in my producer experience, I am pleased that I took on the team leader role. I’m very proud of the final product, and I learned a lot about the myriad of moving parts that go into even a 72-hour short film. Plus, I got to meet and work with old and new friends who made the experience much less daunting.

Come check us out tomorrow night at Professor Thom’s, 219 2nd Ave. Screening starts at 6:30; order is TBD. I’m excited to share "ReLease"!

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