Reflections on Completeness

After having a week to reflect, I am so proud of the fantastic work West of 10th did on Completeness and grateful to everyone who came to the show. Doing double duty as an actor and producer was exhausting, but my cast and creative team were both amazing and made the run an exhilarating success. Playing Molly was a dream - she's exactly the kind of intelligent, funny character I love to portray. Photos will be coming soon!

During the run of Completeness, I also directed the second reading in West of 10th's reading series: Anne Boleyn for President of the Class of 2014, by Gina Doherty. It was a lot of fun to step into the director's role and work closely with both Gina and our talented actors - and then nervously and proudly watch the performance from the audience! I needn't have been nervous - the actors performed beautifully, and I think watching them and participating in the audience talk back gave Gina valuable insights to continue developing this exciting new play.

I am extremely happy with the way West of 10th has grown over the past 8 months (I can't believe it's only existed for 8 months!) and can't wait to share what we'll be up to next!

In the meantime, I'm back in class at The Barrow Group, working again with the marvelous Lee Brock in her Monday morning scene study class. It's a great way to start each week!

More soon!


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