Great Review & Back to School

Did you know that Matt and Ben was reviewed on Yes, I'm late with this post, but hey, you can forgive me because "The actresses in this production [were] engaging in their roles, especially Goodgal, who infuse[d] Ben with a ditzy, quasi-frat boy persona." Check out the full write-up here! Whether you are reminiscing about the awesome production like I am or missed it and want to see more, you can also see some great production pictures on my photos page. Make sure to stay tuned for more news from West of 10th!

In other news, I started another round of scene study class at The Barrow Group today! I'm excited to be back in class at TBG with both old and new friends.

This fall, I am also working with students in an NYU Sight & Sound film class. I'm working in a 3-camera studio where students form full production teams and the directors live-edit their scenes. It is exciting to meet and work with up-and-coming filmmakers in this fast-paced, high-energy TV environment!

More soon!

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