Spring Updates

First piece of news: tonight is the first no-jacket night of the year! Well, it was, until it starting pouring again 5 minutes ago - but I think it's still newsworthy!

In other news, last weekend, I graduated from improv 201 at UCB! I've had a great time taking my first two improv classes these last few months. I had two great teachers and lots of excellent classmates who helped me face my fear of performing unscripted.

I've decided to focus more now on acting and auditioning for the camera. To that end, I'm taking another class with Dani Super, which started last week. I'm hoping to improve my ability to convey a character and point of view in just a short side!

However, I would never abandon the theatre, and to that end, I am excited to announce that I will be playing Emma in a production of The Language Archive this May! I am so happy to be back in rehearsal and working on this beautiful play. It deals with the intersection of love and language with a kind of not-quite-realism that I find fascinating. More details to come soon!

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