Happy new year!

It's 2015, and I am pumped. I'm finally taking improv class, starting on Tuesday! Improv still completely scares me, but on the few occasions I've done it before, I've had so much fun that I decided I had to face that fear. My friend Sophie (check her out!) has taken a bunch of classes at Upright Citizens Brigade this year and inspired me to try, too. I think improv goes perfectly with the acting approach I've been learning at The Barrow Group, so I'm excited to see how it might inform my acting. First, I have to accept that I will probably make a fool of myself on stage, but it will all be in good fun!

I'm also starting a film and TV class next Friday with casting director Judy Henderson. I'm excited to meet Judy and continue to hone my skills acting for the camera.

Thank you for reading! Here's to a better year ahead!


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