Fall updates

Greetings from the set of "Delivery," an action film where I play an unsuspecting young woman coerced into delivering "the bag" in order to pay off her parents' debt to a mob boss. It's an action film, but sadly most of my fight scenes are brief as I am usually summarily knocked out by a gangster at the beginning of each confrontation... but my character has some excitement at the end, you'll see!

In other news, I'm a few weeks into monologue class with Lee Brock at The Barrow Group. I just couldn't give up my Thursday mornings at TBG after my apprenticeship ended! I'm enjoying working with a whole new group of classmates and building a fierce audition arsenal. I also just finished a 4-week film and TV class with Dani Super. I'd done a little on-camera work before, but I had only a little training on how to approach acting for the camera differently than acting for the stage - and I had never before thought about how acting for TV is different from acting for film. Dani's class was unique because she took us through the different genres of on-camera work - from sitcoms to TV dramas to feature film comedies and dramas - explaining nuances that I had not previously considered! Dani's class gave me a lot to consider and practice as I keep honing my on-camera skills. 

Last week, I took a scene study class with Alaine Alldaffer (casting director at Playwrights Horizons.) I didn't know what the class would entail because I'm used to scene study classes in which I choose a scene and rehearse with my partner ahead of time, but this was just a one night class, and I had never met my scene partner. Alaine assigned us a scene from Sonia Flew, by Melinda Lopez, which I had never heard of but found very moving. When we got to class, Alaine gave a short talk about her teaching shorthand, gave us a few minutes to talk with our scene partners, and then started to work. It was exhilarating to act with someone I had met only a few minutes before - it made the on-stage connection really exciting. Alaine's guidance was insightful and helpful, and it was just so much fun to see the material she had selected for everyone come alive so spontaneously.

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